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what to expect

What You'll Find at AMP....
What You won't find here....

Peer to Peer coaching and education

Agnostic Advice

Competitive Contracts

Needs based service models

Support to help you build a better business

A home for top advisors that are tired of the traditional FMO

OUr Process


Marketing Money

Celebrity Speakers

Private Jets

Fancy Awards


Massive Crowds

Discovery Session

  • 20-30 Minute call to get to know you

  • Go over basic interview questions to get an understanding of your practice

  • Go over our "30 point business Audit"

Strategy Session

  • 30-45 minute call with screen sharing

  • Review your business audit results

  • Identify your top areas of concern

  • Layout a general education plan


  • Review current carrier contracts

  • Complete SureLC data entry to begin moving carrier contracts to AMP

  • Receive access to our online training material

Co-Design Session

  • Build a marketing plan

  • Design your sales process

  • Evaluate and adjust your business structure

  • Evaluate staffing strengths and weaknesses

Tracking Phase

  • Ongoing accountability and implementation

  • Quarterly check in calls to evaluate progress and needs

  • Periodic updates and new ideas from our team

  • Attend periodic in person training events.

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