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AMP Advisors Club is an independent insurance marketing organization founded by a wildly successful family owned Financial Planning practice, Retirement Resources.  In 2012, Dave Boike and his team formed Legendary Advisors Club and opened their doors to other Financial Advisors to share their best practices, business model, and success secrets.  Through our coaching and education model, we have successfully helped hundreds of advisors across the country not only increase their production but build an efficient and well-run business.  In 2016, we decided that we wanted to expand on this model and help even more advisors, and AMP was born. At AMP, it really isn’t about the product or the production, it’s about total practice development.  The AMP model gives you access to top level contracts in addition to peer coaching, education, and mentorship.

OUR Founders

Meet the Boike's.  The Family behind Retirement Resources, Legendary Advisors Club, and AMP Advisors Club.

The AMP Model Practice


Retirement Resources | Dave and Jake Boike

  • Family run wealth management practice in Auburn Hills, MI

  • Over $200 million in annuity premium in the last 10 years

  • Over $100 million in AUM gathered in the last 5 years

  • Currently the #2 office in the country for a multibillion dollar money manager

  • Built their own RIA

  • Successfully implemented various marketing strategies including Seminars, Radio, TV and a robust client love and education program.

  • Have been coaching advisors for the last 5 years.

  • Their coaching niche: Helping established insurance producers that want begin gathering assets, working with advisors to implement a marketing strategy based on their specific goals, how to properly acquire, train and maintain and all-star staff.







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1625 N. Opdyke Rd. 
Auburn Hills, MI 48326



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