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Why AMP?

AMP was created by Advisors with Advisors in mind

The founding members of AMP spent 20 years within what we will call the "retail FMO" world.  They came to a point in their practice that they didn't really need all of the bells and whistles their FMO offered, and were no longer interested in going on another "free trip".  What they really needed was additional revenue to re-invest in their business.  Of course, in the retail FMO world, they will justify keeping as much of the compensation as possible in exchange for offering services that you may or not need..... and after 20 years of that, enough was enough.  Their thought was, "What if we could do for advisors what institutional investing did for our clients?"

Let's think about retail and institutional investing for a moment...

In the retail world, you invest primarily in mutual funds and are governed by the prospectus of that particular fund.  You also share in the fees associated with that fund whether your activities generated them or not.

On the institutional side, you have freedom to put your money in separate accounts and hold onto more of your money by reducing your fees because you're only paying for the fees you generate.

In this world of retail FMO's, they layer service upon service, bring in large celebrities, and wine and dine advisors all in an effort to justify the massive amount of override they are making on your business.

At AMP we think there is a better way...

We think that there is power behind advisors teaching other advisors.  When you work with us, you aren't getting a recent college graduate that just learned how to spell annuity last week.  You are getting industry veterans that still work in the trenches of seeing clients day in and day out.  We are firm believers in teaching others to do for themselves, not doing everything for them.

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.  Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." - Lao Tzu

Through our education based platform, we want to teach you how to be better business people, not just bigger producers.

With our access to top industry contracts, we will give you the maximum compensation available based on your production and service level needs so that you can re-invest your additional income back into your business.  This means that you aren't "paying" an FMO for services that you don't need.

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